DIY Marble Canvas & Headboard Bench


Here are two awesome DIY finds for you using reclaimed materials! When ever my work load lightens, I love to get creative both in the kitchen and in our home. Most of my home projects involve painting: furniture, a room, thrift store frames – you name it, I’d love to paint it. My husband jokes, “Uh oh, Mom has some time on her hands. What’s she going to paint next?!”


I searched and searched for some DIY crafts for a large wall and stumbled on this:

 Easy-to-follow tutorial from “The 2 Seasons.”

The project is messy, so be sure to give yourself plenty of room and lay down extra drop cloths.

For my first project, I painted over an inexpensive thrift store canvas with white paint so I had a fresh base at the start. Then, I used the leftover paint samples from our entryway walls (It took us a few tries to find the right blue for our space!). Here is the final result for our master bedroom:


It was so exciting! I couldn’t believe how beautiful it looked when I lifted the canvas off of the paint. I just love the marbling of the whites, blues and greys.


Here’s another close up. The key is to use enough paint to allow it to marble together as you lift the canvas:


I let the kids in on the fun for the next round. We bought more blank canvases in a variety of sizes and used leftover house paints, paint samples, and colorful craft paints.

And Voila! We have these two hanging in our entryway.


The white headboard bench above is another DIY project. My husband built it from a 1960s twin bed frame we received from our family. I just love the metallic star and detailing on the arm rails!

See: How to Build a Headboard Bench for the complete tutorial.

And back to the canvases: My daughter created this piece for her room:


For the one below, my son applied paint in a thick layer directly on top of the canvas, and then used the end of a paintbrush handle to carefully create the marbling by hand. This one took a few more days to dry than the others, and I love the way it turned out. It now lives on top of his bookcase.


This craft is a fun, inexpensive way to add a pop of color to any space. Check out the tutorial from “The 2 Seasons.” I’d love to see the colors you choose!



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