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Beautiful Homemade Velvet Pumpkins!


20170723_091241I’ve had a *huge* crush on the beautiful silk velvet pumpkins that have graced Pinterest over the past few years. A collection of pumpkins in various sizes and rich fall colors would make such beautiful table settings for our Thanksgiving dinner, but the cost of just a few of them kept me from placing an order – I just knew I could make my own with the right tutorial and materials, so I set out to do just that!


Please see the Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial by Trina Holden for a complete set of instructions.


Determined, I enlisted my mom’s help. We were on a mission and scoured our local second-hand stores for velvet (Oh, the shock and horror in my husband’s eyes when I invited him to join us for a day of velvet shopping…”Wait – Did you just invite me to go velvet shopping with you and your mom?! No thank you, I’m good”).  After visiting multiple stores, we had finally gathered enough material for our project.


Now, if you live near a pumpkin patch, check with the farmer about gathering loose stems. I gave my husband this task and he came back with a FULL BAG of stems! EEK! I could hardly contain myself (I’m pretty sure I made a scene). If you cannot find any, I’ve seen others use wine bottle corks or twisty twigs instead. Or, genuine pumpkin stems are often for sale on ebay.


Much to my daughter’s embarrassment, I gathered the oak leaves and acorn tops while waiting for her soccer game to start. Yep, I was *that* lady with a grocery bag, scouring the ground and collecting acorns and fallen leaves along the soccer field sidelines.


Velvet Pumpkin Tips:

  • Large pots and bowls make excellent circle templates.
  • Cut your fabric circles twice the diameter as the size you want your pumpkin to be (a 20 in. diameter circle will make a 10 in. diameter pumpkin).
  • We put about 1/2 cup of rice into the bottom of the pumpkins (to give them a nice weight) and then finished stuffing them with fiber fill – another thrift store find.
  • Instead of regular sewing thread, use dental floss. It is much stronger and it won’t break when you cinch the pumpkin closed.
  • Be sure to do the last “secret” step in the Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial!

Here they are on our Thanksgiving table last year, mixed in with simple arrangements of fresh-cut succulents, herbs, and greens from our yard. I just love how it all looks together!


Happy Fall crafting, Everyone!




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